2018   |   JASSON FINNEY





Diet. Training. Motivation. If having a Red Carpet Body were that easy, then everyone would have one. But the truth is that despite the plethora of diet and fitness information readily available, obesity rates are higher than ever. Why? Because only 1% of that information pertains to YOUR SPECIFIC BODY. A frustrating fact for most, especially those who carefully watch their diets and hit the gym regularly. In fact, the more experience you have with gyms, group fitness classes and trainers, the more surprised you will be after your first session with Jasson. Why? Because Jasson tailors your diet, cardio and personal training sessions to meet YOUR specific needs; monitors perfect execution of each repetition and stops you from continuing exercises that are actually working AGAINST YOUR GOALS.



Ever wonder how that Hollywood starlet dropped 40 pounds of baby weight right before your eyes? We all want to believe she spent 6 hours a day in the gym, but the truth is that most actressess simply hire celebrity personal trainers to create programs to meet their exact needs. Have thick thighs? Then no more front facing lunges. Arms still not toned? Then stop traditional bicep curls. Running 5 miles a day and still no weight loss? Then low intensity, fat incinerating "Jasson Walking" on the treadmill is for you. Hard to believe, we know. But after years of working out, Jasson's technique will make you sorer than you've ever been with just 2 pound dumbells. How? Jasson completely avoids using your overdeveloped muscle groups and uses a combination of custom designed, anti-gravity training excercises using smaller weights that will transform even the most compact body types into long and lean dancer bodies. Add this to his unique brand of nutritional and motivational counseling and you have a recipie that all but guaratees success.